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What is the iPhone Popup Film Festival?

It’s the festival in your pocket – bring along your film on your iPhone or iPod Touch device, slide it onto our Pop Video projector and it’s showtime, your film will be projected ‘on the big screen’ in HD quality with stereo audio.

All events are free to enter. To sign up for an event near you use our meetup page.

For some general info on taking part in the iPhone Popup Film Festival, we have that covered here.

The iPhone Popup Film festival has been setup to offer a fun film night for those of us making films and videos on our iOS devices. There won’t be any judging on the night, if you think your film is good enough to show, that’s good enough for us.

By ‘popup’ we really do mean popup, give us a darkened room and we’ll set up anywhere; bars, theatres, restaurants, village halls, festivals, you name it – even your living room! If you have any suggestions, please drop us an email.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoy the show – and see you soon!

Tony Myers

• If you would like to know more about the iPhone Popup Film Festival please drop us an email

• If you would like to talk to us about sponsoring the iPhone Popup Film Festival, we would be delighted to hear from you! Please email us @ sponsorship@iphonepopupfilmfestival.com

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